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UPDATE: Dental work is done! I'm back in business! There are some words I'm having to relearn... but it's already getting better.                              


Ever since being a kid and watching my favorite cartoons and playing video games I felt this connection with the characters... one...

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Top-Notch Voiceover Work

No matter the accent, dialect, or particular intonation required, Yamagusa can provide you with nothing less than excellent voice-over services each and every time. I do all sorts of work for a variety of creative and commercial products, and I know how to get you exactly what you need from your lines in a prompt,...

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Multifaceted Voice-Over Experience

While some voice actors excel at flowery prose but struggle with reactions, I can comfortably handle anything you need from me. From sonnets to shouting, I'm more than ready to help you get exactly what you need onto tape. Not only am I versatile, I'm very flexible, and can work with your team to get my tones...
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